Electronic Formats

I Want It Now!

Today's consumer wants access to content everywhere they helps you meet that demand with the ability to produce your book in multiple formats, anything from hardcover, soft cover, big books, small books, and electronic books. Designing and producing a book demands a keen sense of creativity and confident command of technology. Neither should hinder the other. So rather than clashing, at these two facets of design and production converge harmoniously. We lend each project our own reputable brand of creativity and aesthetic sensibilities. We work only with highly accomplished researchers, designers, illustrators, animators, writers, engineers, and filmmakers who are not only imaginative but who also appreciate the importance of clarity and the supremacy of your objectives. Our expertise in graphic design and production technology allows us to produce products that scintillate without slowing down schedules. Our state-of-the art computer hardware and software is a platform on which work of the highest caliber flourishes.

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